Interviews with Flutists

While serving on the Board of Directors of the New York Flute Club, I had the privilege and pleasure of interviewing our concert season’s guest artists.  This tradition continues, even since I resigned from the board. All of these interviews were taped and transcribed by me and were published in the New York Flute Club Newsletter.  The Baxtresser interview was subsequently published in the April 1999 issue of Flute Talk magazine.  To read the full interviews for Jeanne Baxtresser,  Michael Parloff, Renee Siebert, Nadine Asin, Carol Wincenc, and Mark Sparks, click the pictures below.

And for a NY Times interview with Don that’s only somewhat related to the flute…
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Jeanne Baxtresser

Former Principal Flute, New York Philharmonic

Michael Parloff

Former Principal Flute, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Renee Siebert

Flutist, New York Philharmonic

Nadine Asin

Former Piccoloist, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Carol Wincenc

Grammy-nominated Flutist
The Juilliard School

Mark Sparks

Principal Flute, St. Louis Symphony