My career has been long and varied. I have studied with, observed, played alongside, and taught flutists from all over the world – flutists of all levels and abilities. My quest for “perfect knowledge of music and instrument”, as quoted  by Alain Marion (and used here with a wry wink), has been filled with the very obstacles my workshops address.  For a full-color printable flyer, click here.


Learn to Sing Through Your Flute

LISTEN! is a 90-minute interactive class that references many exercises found in the bibles of flute playing – de la Sonorité and Tone Development through Interpretation by Marcel Moyse.

Designed for:
serious flute players, including professionals.

  • Participants read and record simple melodies in front of their classmates and put them aside for later comparison.
  • Next, a series of imitative vibrato exercises draws participants’ awareness to their tone and air stream.
  • Returning to our melody, we strip it of all nuances – vibrato, dynamics, and direction.
  • We add nuances back, layer by layer – as my students like to say, Let’s Moyse it!
  • Next, we listen to recordings of renowned singers and observe the liberties they take with the phrasing of operatic arias.
  • Once “Moysed”, we re-record our melody.
  • When we compare our final interpretation with our first, the benefits of the workshop will be clear.

Don and I have often talked about vibrato and have been surprised to share such similar thoughts. To me, it’s a seasoning, to be applied strategically, in varying intensities as appropriate, not to be spread over everything. ~ Scott Cantrell, classical music critic, The Dallas Morning News

LISTEN! is not intended to prescribe a certain way of playing; rather, its goal is to add a level of awareness to one’s use of vibrato and other nuance tools.


Learn to Play with Ease and Freedom

THINK! is a 90-minute interactive approach to smoothing one’s flute playing by removing knots, or kinks. Per my former teacher Alain Marion, playing the flute is comprised of three things – TONE, FINGERS, and TONGUE. One might argue there are other challenges, such as breathing, phrasing, intonation, rhythm, and so on, but THINK! will focus primarily on these key components.

Designed for:
middle school through professional.

  • Participants isolate key variables and focus on them one at a time. Original exercises are used, as well as others from classic flute methods by Taffanel & Gaubert, Reichert, and Moyse (purchase not required for the class).
  • Next, we focus on creative, intuitive, efficient practice. We will be tasked with DEFINING practice, knowing WHAT to practice, and learning HOW to practice.
  • Technical passages will be analyzed, dissected, displaced, grouped, looped, ritarded, and rebuilt for consistency and accuracy.

THINK! can be customized to include practice tips for Region and All-State audition music.