Don Bailey, flute
Laura Logan Brandenburg

Repertoire includes: Ibert’s Entr’acte, Beeftink’s Seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), Godard’s Allegretto, Clarke’s Hypnosis, Debussy’s La Fille aux Cheveu de Lin, Larson’s Sweet Simplicity, Proust’s Prelude et Danse, Jongen’s Danse lente, Rutter’s Waltz, Faure’s Sicilienne, Beeftink’s Twilight, Hovhaness’s The Garden of Adonis, Marson’s Spring Blooms

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Don Bailey, flute
Donald Sulzen

Repertoire includes:  Poulenc’s Sonata, L. Boulanger’s Nocturne, Ravel’s Pièce en Forme de Habanera, Gieseking’s Sonatine, Martinu’s First Sonata, Hoover’s Kokopeli, and Muczynski’s Sonata.

Hoover’s Kokopeli

Martinu’s First Sonata (1st movement)

Muczynski’s Sonata (4th movement)

Ravel’s Piece en Forme de Habenera

Don Bailey, flute
Arcata String Quartet
plus harp & bass 

Music by:  Jacob, Peterson-Berger, Alfven, Tchaikovsky, Foote, Ginastera, Hoover, Kohler, Corigliano, Ravel

Peterson-Berger’s Lawn Tennis

Alfven’s Herdsmaiden’s Dance

Ginastera’s Impressions de la Puna (Danza)

Foote’s Scherzo

Katherine Hoover, flute
Don Bailey, flute
Lone Spring Arts Orchestra
Don Baileyprincipal flute/orchestra contractor

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